Roblox deal with Sony will create (legal) in-game music experiences

This could help Roblox fend off a copyright lawsuit.

Rafael Henrique/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

Roblox is rushing to strike official music deals in the wake of a $200 million lawsuit over alleged copyright violations. TechCrunch reports that Roblox has unveiled a team-up with Sony Music that will bring more of the label's artists to the game platform. The two will collaborate on "innovative music experiences" beyond what you've seen so far, including a Lil Nas X concert in November and a Zara Larsson launch party in May.

The companies didn't say what kind of events you might expect, or when you might see them. The deal also includes a settlement with Sony.

This isn't Roblox's first such deal. The gaming giant reached a similar agreement with BMG in June, and Warner before that. It does represent Roblox's largest music pact to date, however, and leaves Universal as the only heavyweight label that hasn't signed an agreement.

Roblox might not have much choice but to keep making these arrangements. The music industry sued Roblox for allegedly doing little to stop gamers from making virtual boomboxes that stream copyrighted music. That's not including Robloxcore and other music designed for game worlds. The developer maintains that it screens uploaded music and cracks down on violators, but that clearly hasn't been enough for labels convinced Roblox is enabling piracy. Deals could help Roblox persuade Sony, BMG and others to call off their lawsuit, or at least soften the blow.