Amazon knocks up to $280 off Roborock robot vacuums today only

The midrange S6 Pure is down to an all-time low of $320.


A robot vacuum can be a big purchase for your home, depending on the model you get. While there are plenty of affordable machines out there, you'll have to spring for a higher-end one if you want features like home mapping and stronger suction power. But you can save hundreds on some Roborock robot vacuums at Amazon right now thanks to a new one-day sale that knocks up to $280 off certain devices. You'll get the highest discount on the Roborock S6 Pure, which is $280 off and down to $320, while the Roborock S7 is $170 off and down to $480. The cheapest of the bunch, the Roborock E4, is $140 off and down to a record low of $160.

Buy Roborock S6 Pure at Amazon - $320 Buy Roborock S7 at Amazon - $480 Buy Roborock E4 at Amazon - $160

The S6 Pure and the S7 are actually quite similar, but the S7 has a few additional perks. Like the S7+ that earned a spot in our best robot vacuum guide, the S7 has stronger, 2500PA suction, a larger water tank for mopping and an ultrasonic sound feature that identifies carpet so the machine can automatically adjust cleaning strength. Also, the S7 can be connected to a clean base, so you have the option in the future to add another level of convenience to your robo-vac. Otherwise, both the S6 Pure and the S7 support voice control with Alexa or the Google Assistant, full app control, home mapping, cleaning schedules and spot cleaning, too.

As for the Roborock E4, it's on the more affordable side of things so it doesn't have a lot of the bells and whistles of the other two. However, it does have the same 2000PA suction that the S6 Pure does, plus a more primitive form of home mapping. If you want to set specific cleaning areas and no-go zones, you'll have to buy these magnetic strips that create "invisible walls" that the E4 can use as guides. It also doesn't come with an additional water tank for mopping, but you can buy one separately and swap it out with the dustbin to turn the machine into a smart mop.

We've had mostly positive experiences when testing Roborock vacuums. The suck up dirt and debris just as well as other robo-vacs we've tried, and depending on the model you choose, you'll get features like "pin and go," which sends the vacuum to a specific spot in your home and in-app manual controls so you can control the vacuum almost like you would a toy car. Our biggest gripe is that the Roborock app isn't as polished as that of competitors like iRobot and Shark. If you're new to the world of robot vacuums, it may take some time to learn all of the ins and outs of the app. But once you do that, your Roborock vacuum should serve you well.

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