Robosen’s auto-transforming Grimlock will set you back about a mortgage payment

The $1,699 Dinobot stands 15 inches tall.

Robosen / Hasbro

Robosen announced a new auto-converting Transformer today. After launching its self-transforming Optimus Prime in 2021, the company set its sights on Grimlock, the Autobot-allied leader of the Dinobots who changes from a robot into a mechanical T-Rex. However, its $1,699 sticker price (a mere $1,499 for pre-orders) also allows it to transform your finances for the worse.

The Grimlock collectible stands 15 inches tall in robot mode and 15.4 inches in dinosaur mode. Robosen describes its auto-transforming as “the epitome of auto-conversion” while calling the product “the world’s first dual-form, bipedal walking robot.” (The Optimus Prime version walks as a robot but drives in truck form.) The manufacturer says Grimlock includes 85 microchips, 34 high-precision intelligent servos while running on “advanced SOC chip technology” and “a comprehensive robot operating system.” In addition, it has six-axis IMU sensors for balance monitoring.

This Grimlock is based on the Transformers G1 version, which debuted in 1985. The collectible includes the original toy’s Energon sword, galaxial rocket launcher, and crown accessories. Robosen and Hasbro even brought back the original voice actor from the G1 animated series, the now 72-year-old Gregg Berger, to record “150+ original Generation 1 Transformers audio lines” for the expensive toy. For the uninitiated, the character is known for a simplistic speaking style, including the well-trodden phrase, “Me Grimlock!”

The self-transforming Grimlock toy from Robosen. It stands (in T-Rex form) roaring feriociously to the left in front of a gray gradient background.
Robosen / Hasbro

In addition to hearing Grimlock’s classic voice (synchronized with “robotic actions”), you can also control it by speaking to it. The product recognizes 42 voice commands, letting you tell it to transform, walk and perform various “stunning stunts.” You can also create new poses and actions for the Dinobot using four programming modes (block-based, manual, voice and computer-based). And if money truly is no object, you can pair it with the $699 Optimus Prime robot to watch them reenact your favorite classic Transformers battle scenes. This would be wonderful for children, but its pricing mostly limits it to nostalgia-stricken adults with more money than meets the eye.

The Grimlock auto-converting robot is available for pre-order now from Robosen and Hasbro. It’s expected to ship in late fall. Although its pricing may be a tough sell, at least they’re throwing in a limited edition collector’s coin so you can demonstrate that you spent the equivalent of a month’s rent on a robotic T-Rex that speaks about itself in the third person.

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