Roku will release most of Quibi’s remaining library on August 13th

Expect shows starring Will Arnett, Idris Elba, Reese Witherspoon and more.


Roku is still busy giving Quibi shows a second life as Roku Originals. The media device maker has revealed that 23 more shows will come to the free Roku Channel on August 13th, including a few that might just catch your attention thanks to their critical acclaim or star power. Memory Hole has Will Arnett revisiting the poorly-aged elements of pop culture, while Mapleworth Murders is an Emmy-nominated spoof of the mystery genre (such as the sheer body count in shows like Murder, She Wrote).

Other picks include Skrrt with Offset (a car enthusiast show starring its namesake rapper), the Reese Witherspoon-hosted nature documentary Fierce Queens and the celebrity stunt show Elba vs. Block.

As before, Roku is focused on filling the gaps Netflix, Amazon and other streaming heavyweights tend to leave in their catalogs. Quibi's shows not only didn't get much exposure during their ill-fated initial run, but offer short (roughly 10 minutes per episode) bites that you're unlikely to find on rival services.These new offerings may be easy choices if you're either pressed for time or just want an alternative when you run out of things to watch on paid services.

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