Roku launches the 'Women’s Sports Zone'

It brings live and pre-recorded women's sports content into one place.


It's no secret that, regardless of skill level, women's sports are broadcast and funded a whole lot less than men's sports. While serious structural shifts are needed to rectify this, small changes are always welcome. In that vein, Roku is launching the Women's Sports Zone, a hub for accessing live matches, alongside content like documentaries and movies that focus on women's sports, all in one place. The streaming platform credits a general spike in interest toward watching women's sports as responsible for the move.

Roku users can access the Women's Sports Zone in one of two ways, the first being by searching directly for "women's sports" or the name of a team or a league. Otherwise, users on the TV or mobile app can scroll to the sports section to find it. On the TV, the zone will pop up under the "Browse by Sport" category — yes, implying women's sports are one entity versus being just as multifaceted as men's sports, again, small changes. Once inside the zone, there's a breakdown of current games streaming live and upcoming matches with their dates listed.

The hub's launch is neatly timed to the WNBA season's imminent start, with live broadcasts currently including professional and collegiate basketball, soccer and golf. Supporting channels are responsible for providing each offering, and, according to Roku, additional content will be available in "the coming months."