Twitter, Facebook and Paramount+ will stream WNBA games this summer

The league is also partnering with Google.

USA Today Sports / reuters

When the WNBA kicks off its historic 25th season on May 14th, fans will have plenty of chances to watch it unfold online. The league announced its broadcast schedule on Monday, in the process detailing all the games that will make their way to streaming platforms.

To start, Twitter will air 12 games, with the company planning to include tweets from fans in its broadcast. The WNBA says to look out for the Atlanta Dream and Indiana Fever matchup the company will stream on May 21st. Facebook, meanwhile, will stream 20 to its Watch platform and Oculus Quest and Quest 2 headsets, with 15 of those airing before the WNBA takes a break partway through the season so the athletes can take part in the Tokyo Olympics. Lastly, ViacomCBS will broadcast up to three games on Paramount+. If you want to catch as many matches as possible, WNBA League Pass is the way to go. The $17 package will come with access to a total of 110 games this season.

The WNBA's 25th season will also mark the start of a new partnership with Google. Following AT&T, Deloitte and Nike, the company has signed on to become one of the league's so-called "Changemakers." That's a role that will see the tech giant work with the WNBA to develop marketing initiatives, community programs and, most interestingly, new "product experiences." Naturally, Google will also provide the NBA with its technological expertise and be the title sponsor of some of its biggest showcases throughout the season, including the upcoming 25 for 25 series from ABC and ESPN that will see the two broadcasters air more than two dozen regular-season games nationally.