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Roku's Streambar falls back down to a record low of $80

The Streaming Stick 4K has also been discounted to only $25 during this year's Black Friday Roku deal.

You don't always need to invest in a brand new TV or an expensive sound system to up your home-entertainment game. A soundbar could do the trick, providing much better audio quality than most TVs offer and costing much less than a whole sound system. Roku's Streambar is arguably one of the most convenient options available now, and it's even cheaper ahead of Black Friday. You can pick up the compact device for only $80 right now, which is $50 less than usual and the lowest we've seen it.

Roku's Streambar receives a $50 discount ahead of Black Friday, bringing it back down to a record-low price.
$145 at Amazon

We gave the Streambar a score of 86 when it first came out because it not only provides a solid sound upgrade for most TVs, but it also includes 4K streaming technology inside. That means if you have an old set that isn't smart, you can turn it into a smart TV with the Streambar — no additional device required. It supports 4K HDR content and it'll give you access to more streaming services than you'll likely be able to use, including the big ones like Netflix, Prime Video, HBO Max and others.

As for audio, the Stremabar supports Dolby Audio and really makes sound effects and music in TV shows and movies pop. It doesn't quite replicate the feeling of being in a movie theater of course, but it certainly makes your viewing experience more cinematic by upping overall sound quality. It can also double as a Bluetooth speaker, which will be useful if you want just one device in your living room that can do many things.

The Streambar also has the advantage of being relatively small. It's roughly the size of a carton eggs, and its fabric-wrapped design is pretty attractive, if a little basic. It's much smaller than other soundbars, so it'll fit into even the most cramped of living-room setups.

But if audio isn't your biggest concern and you just want a reliable yet affordable streaming device, there are a couple of other Roku deals worth considering right now. The company's Streaming Stick 4K is down to only $25, while the Roku Express is on sale for $18. The former connects directly to your TV's HDMI port to provide 4K streaming capabilities, Dolby Vision support and voice commands via its remote. The Express is a bit more limited, as it supports HD content, connects via an included HDMI cable and comes with a remote that doesn't have voice command support.

Buy Roku Streaming Stick 4K at Amazon - $25 Buy Roku Express at Amazon - $18

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