Roland's new mobile mixer has better support for Android and headset mics

It'll also accept audio from your phone or tablet's headset microphone.


Roland is today announcing the Go:Mixer Pro-X, a new flagship portable mixer to help on-the-go creatives improve their audio. The Pro-X is, like its siblings, designed to be plugged in to a phone or tablet to create professional-quality sound for live streams, podcasts or films. The company says that the Pro-X has better support for Android and iOS devices, and the ability to use a headset mic or your smartphone earbuds as a sound source.

Many of the improvements are nice rather than essential, like the fact that the number of input / output channels has increased to 11 and three, up from nine and two on the Pro. The other big improvement is the new pad button, which cuts the volume of particularly loud signals, say from an instrument with active pickups. Fundamentally, if you’re looking to, say, start recording a podcast on a tight budget, this is the ideal sort of platform to start out with.

The rest of the spec list is much like the Go:Mixer Pro, although one thing that has changed is the rated battery life. You’ll get half an hour less with the Pro-X on those same four AAA batteries (four hours) than you will with the prior model (four hours thirty minutes). But perhaps that’s the price to pay for the ability to better record your jam sessions. The Roland Go:Mixer Pro-X will be available in the US at some point in August, priced at $150.