Roland slashes the starting price of its cloud synth subscriptions

Subscriptions now start from just $3 a month.


Roland is continuing its push to improve its digital instruments and software with a new pricing structure that’ll make its Zen-Core synth engine more accessible to all, whether they’re amateur tinkerers or full-time pros. Its ever-growing cloud-based platform, Roland Cloud, is moving to the company’s primary website, and will offer three membership levels: Core, Pro and Ultimate.

Core — the entry-level tier — costs $30 a year, or just $3 a month, and includes access to the Zenology software synth and Zen-Core sound packs. Pro comes in at $99 a year, or $10 a month, and offers unlimited access to the TR-808 and D-50, Zenology Pro (a full-edit version is coming this fall), with access to all Zen-Core sound packs and wave and model expansions for software, plus Anthology, TERA, FLAVR, Drum Studio, and all software patches and patterns. Finally, Ultimate will cost $199 a year, or $20 a month, and includes the whole kit and caboodle, including all Legendary and SRX collections and unlimited access to all instruments and sounds.

Considering that Roland’s previous pricing structure started at $20 a month, the new model represents a dramatically lower monthly cost — those happy to continue paying that sum now have access to pretty much everything, while those that are just game for the occasional play around are likely more than happy to part with three bucks a month for the privilege. Additionally, all members will have the option to purchase lifetime keys, which gives them unrestricted access to a single Roland software instrument for as long as their account is active.