Samsung's leaked concept videos may show its vision for AR glasses

Whether or not these become reality is another story.

WalkingCat, Twitter

Apple's rumored AR and VR wearables might have some fresh competition. 9to5Google has discovered that well-known leaker WalkingCat shared a pair of videos that apparently represent Samsung's conceptual vision for augmented reality glasses. The Glasses Lite eyewear would aim at everyday users and let them watch movies, video chat or (gasp) get work done without needing a big conventional display. They'd even have a "sunglasses mode" to tint when you're more interested in protecting your eyes than interacting with virtual screens.

A "Next Wearable Computing" video, meanwhile, envisions how AR glasses could help with work. An AR office would help get things done, of course, but you could also have holographic calls where participants have a presence in the room. AR simulations would even let you explore a digital space (say, a room design) as if you were there.

It's not certain how close any of this might be to reality. The Glasses Lite are more realistic than the Next Wearable Computing concept, but even they appear to represent more of what Samsung would like to do than a prototype of a real project. As it stands, some of this reflect the goals for products like Microsoft's HoloLens. The difference, as you might guess, is that Samsung would ditch bulky headsets in favor of sleek glasses.

There is an incentive to explore these products even if they're years away from reaching customers. AR is considered one of the next technological frontiers, and companies like Apple and Microsoft have been pouring massive resources into making the format viable. If Samsung doesn't explore the category, it risks being left behind if and when AR takes off.