Samsung brings its self-repair program to the UK

Galaxy S20, 21 and S22 owners can replace the screen, back glass and charging ports.


Samsung has announced that its self-repair program is now available in the UK and other European countries, after launching in the US last year. Users will be able to access tools and parts needed to fix supported devices, namely the Galaxy S20, S21 and S22 smartphones, along with the Galaxy Book Pro regular and Galaxy Book Pro 360 laptops.

"Samsung is working to extend the lifecycle of our devices to encourage users to experience the optimised performance of their Galaxy device for as long as possible," said Samsung's president and Head of Mobile eXperience, TM Roh. "We are committed to scaling access to our Self-Repair program around the world while improving the repairability of our products."

In addition to the UK, the program will be available in Belgium, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain and Sweden. Samsung collaborated with iFixit in the US, but parts distributors ASWO and 2Service will handle sales and distribution of the repair kits in Europe. The program is already live in parts of Europe, and will come to other regions including the UK by the end of June.

Galaxy S20, S21 and S22 series owners will be able to replace the phone screen, back glass and charging ports. If you need to fix a Galaxy Book Pro, you'll have access to seven parts, including the case front, case rear, display, battery, touchpad, power key with fingerprint reader and rubber feet.

Repair kits cost around €30 in Germany (UK pricing isn't yet available). For a Galaxy S20, the charging port and back panel are around €50, while the display costs €200. That climbs for newer and higher-end models, up to €310 for the Galaxy S22 Ultra display. Samsung has how-to videos and more on a dedicated support page.

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