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Watch Samsung's Galaxy Awesome Unpacked with us live at 9:40AM ET

We'll only make fun of the name a little, I promise.

Watch Samsung's Galaxy Awesome Unpacked with us live at 9:40AM ET

Samsung usually saves its Unpacked events for its flashiest, highest-profile product launches, but today — well, things might be a little different. When the company kicks off its third major online event in as many months at 10:00 AM Eastern/7:00 AM Pacific this morning, it plans to explain how it will “bring Awesome to everyone,” a process that’s pretty much guaranteed to involve revealing a handful of affordable new Galaxy A series smartphones. Right now, all signs point to at least two new phones — the Galaxy A52 and A72 — but since this is Samsung we're talking about, a few surprise announcements may creep into the mix.

If you really wanted to, I guess you could get your news straight from Samsung’s stream, but I dare say you’d have a lot more fun watching it along with us instead. Starting at 9:40 AM Eastern, reviews editor Cherlynn Low and I will camp out live on YouTube to catch up with our community, dissect the morning’s announcements as they happen, and talk shop when the show’s over. (Previous topics of post-event conversation include the merits of Snapdragon versus Exynos chipsets, pizza for breakfast, and how wrong my runtime guesses usually are.) In other words, it's likely to be the most fun you'll ever have while learning about inexpensive smartphones — if it's not, you're more than welcome to flame me mercilessly in the chat.