Samsung's Galaxy Buds+ fall to $100 in Amazon's one-day sale

They work great with both Android and iOS.


If you're on a budget, it may be tempting to settle for low-cost ear buds, but then you'd be sacrificing sound and build quality. Those patient enough to wait for a discount don't have to make do with cheap duds, however. Just for today, Amazon is offering Samsung's solid Galaxy Buds+ for $100, a chunky 33 percent discount from the typical price of $150. The promo also means they're currently just 99 cents more than the all-time low. Best of all, the deal lets you choose from a range of colors (which isn't normally the case with these offers) including black, bright red, light blue and white.

Buy Galaxy Buds+ at Amazon - $100

We gave the Buds+ a review score of 83, just shy of the 85 earned by the latest Galaxy Buds Pro. While they lack active noise cancellation, they're no slouch in the sound department. In fact, they're up to 38 percent louder than the original Samsung Galaxy Buds. Their diminutive looks hide an improved setup that makes use of a two-way speaker with both a tweeter and a woofer inside. There's also an additional microphone on the outside that helps bolster call quality.

As you can tell by now, Samsung made all the right tweaks on the Buds+. That applies to the battery life, too, which lasted just shy of 11 hours in our tests. Finally, they work great on Android and iOS, thanks to the companion app. Here you can fiddle with the ambient sound control, EQ presets, touchpad customization, access Find my Earbuds and check battery levels for each bud along with the charging case.

To be sure, these are still very much mid-range ear buds. But for some, that should suffice. And, saying that, they're also among the best mid-range ear buds we've tried.

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