Are Samsung’s Galaxy Buds+ an improvement over the original?

Tell us if the refresh is a step up from last year’s disappointing model in a user review.


Last August we asked you to weigh in on the Galaxy Buds -- the first set of true wireless headphones tailor-made for Samsung’s flagship phones. You had plenty of criticisms about features like the audio quality, spotty Bluetooth connection and unsatisfactory EQ presets. In February, our reviewer Billy Steele got a chance to review the updated version, the Galaxy Buds+. He found them greatly improved thanks to better sound and increased customization, all while keeping the same comfortable, discrete design. The changes were enough to give the new Buds+ a score 14 points higher than last year’s offering.

If you took a chance on the second Galaxy Buds, we’re curious to hear what you think. Do you agree with Billy that they’re much better than the original model? Are they a comfortable fit? Did the battery last longer, and did you have better wireless range? We’d love to hear how you think the Buds+ have corrected the missteps of the earlier version in your own user review. Remember, not only does your commentary help your fellow readers make their own buying decisions, but they could get included in an upcoming user review roundup article!

Note: Although comments are off for this post, we’d love to hear your feedback on our Galaxy Buds+ product page!