See how the Galaxy Z Fold 2 differs from its predecessor

A video review shows what the device can do before Samsung's exclusive event on September 1st.


We’d seen what Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 2 would look like even before the tech giant unveiled it at an Unpacked event earlier this month thanks to various leaks. Now a video review (via DroidLife) is giving us a closer look at the foldable a few days before the dedicated Fold 2 event happens on September 1st. While the review isn’t in English, it clearly shows the Fold 2 in various angles and compares it in detail against its predecessor.

You’ll see the device in action in the video above as the reviewer uses it to view Maps, play games and take selfies — you can even listen how much richer its speaker sounds compared to other phones. Side-by-side with the first Fold, it becomes pretty obvious that the form factor has gotten an upgrade. Its display may be bigger than the first Fold, but it’s also thinner.

The huge front camera cutout is gone — along with the bezel that looked out of place on a $2,000 phone — and has been replaced with a hole-punch lens. You’ll also get a glimpse of the device’s improved hinge design, which according to leaks, is fully enclosed to prevent dust from getting in. The video also shows how the device’s screen rotates and how Fold 2’s Flex mode, which treats the two sides of the phone as two separate screens, works.

In a few days, Samsung will finally reveal all there is to know about the new phone, including its price and release date. That’s also when pre-orders will begin, though you can already register your interest for the 5G version of the device on Samsung’s website.

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