Samsung's Galaxy S20 Ultra gets a whopping $300 discount at Amazon

Samsung's highest-end S20 is suddenly much more viable.

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Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra
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Samsung’s Galaxy S20 Ultra is normally one of the most expensive phones you can get, but it might be considerably more reasonable if you act quickly. Amazon is offering a daily deal on the unlocked S20 Ultra with 128GB of storage that lowers the price to $1,099, or a substantial $300 off its usual cost. You can theoretically get the flagship for less if you trade in a device through Samsung, but this is the lowest price we’ve seen without any catches.

Buy Galaxy S20 Ultra on Amazon - $1,099

The S20 Ultra is a beast if you value phone photography. While the vaunted 100x zoom isn’t all that practical, and focusing issues keep the device from fulfilling its potential,Samsung’s hardware is still capable of taking excellent photos in a wide variety of situations. It’s also quite capable when you’re not taking pictures thanks to the responsive 6.9-inch 120Hz display, speedy Snapdragon 865 chip, 5G wireless and a multitasking-friendly 12GB of RAM. At $1,099, it would be easy to choose this over the rest of the S20 lineup and the Note 20 Ultra.

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There are some caveats. The Ultra is a big, heavy phone even compared to other handsets in its class — this is explicitly for two-handed use. It’s also a classic Samsung phone loaded with software features you may only ever use once or twice, such as limited 8K video recording and Bixby Routines. Our biggest reservation was the price, though, and that clearly isn’t an issue with a discount this large.

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