Relive Samsung's bizarre 'Bridgerton' Galaxy S22 reveal

It's the Netflix crossover you probably weren't asking for.


Samsung's reputation for occasionally strange product introductions is alive and well in 2022. The company unveiled the Galaxy S22 at its Unpacked event with a Bridgerton crossover you can watch below. Yes, the Netflix tie-in is exactly as odd as it sounds. The S22 is introduced at an "inventor's ball" where creators try to impress the queen, who approves after demanding a dance to showcase a handset that won't ship until 210 (sorry, 209) years in the future.

The production is more than a little forced, but it's at least consistent with Shonda Rhimes' alternate history take on Regency-era Britain. There are also some clever touches. The man introducing the Galaxy S22 is Lord Tristar (the Korean hanja word Samsung means "three stars"), while the previous presenter with an unconvincing raincoat demo is Lord Mackintosh —we don't have to explain the symbolism behind that one.

Will the Bridgerton video sell many more Galaxy S22 units? Probably not. You'll definitely remember this unveiling, though, and the period piece livened up what was mostly a by-the-numbers hardware refresh. It's certainly miles better than the awkward, sexist Galaxy S4 launch event Samsung would probably prefer you forget.