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Samsung's Galaxy Watch 3 blood oxygen apps are rolling out now

You'll be able to track your maximum oxygen intake and relative intake.


Samsung isn’t wasting time when it comes to updating the Galaxy Watch 3. The company has started rolling out its blood oxygen monitoring apps — VO2 Max and SpO2 — on Samsung Health. They’ll let you keep track of your maximum oxygen uptake and relative blood oxygen, respectively. Samsung had previously said these features were coming later this year, so it’s nice to see that it was actually able to deliver them close to the Watch 3’s launch.

Unfortunately, we’re still waiting for more details on the Galaxy Watch 3’s ECG feature. It has FDA approval, but so far the company has only brought the feature to South Korea. Once that’s available, the Galaxy Watch 3 will have feature parity with the Apple Watch, making it an even better option for Android users.