Samsung's Galaxy Watch 4 gets an official walkie talkie app

Yes, the app only works on the company's latest smartwatches.


Samsung has launched a walkie talkie app for its smartwatches similar to Apple's, giving you a way to chat with friends without having to make a call. By "smartwatches," though, we really just mean the Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch 4 Classic — the app, first spotted by XDA-Developers, only works with the tech giant's latest wearables and isn't compatible with any of their predecessors.

That would limit the number of friends you can chat with, since they also need to own the latest Galaxy Watch. That said, the app's Google Play description says "two or more users" can have instant conversations, so you may be able to use the app outside of secret one-on-one chats in the middle of the night. Provided you know other people who have a Watch 4, of course, unless Samsung decides to roll the app out for its previous wearable.

To be able to use the feature, you need to log into your Samsung account on a phone connected to your watch. Samsung also recommends using and running the app for the first time while that watch is connected to a smartphone. After that, you'll be able to create channels for your conversation, connect to a nearby friend's watch and talk by pressing a big mic button at the center of the screen. You'll also be able to toggle the feature off any time you're feeling anti-social.

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