Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 drops to $199 at Microsoft's store

It won't cost much to get a fitness-friendly smartwatch.


You can still get workouts in during the COVID-19 pandemic, and a smartwatch could be particularly helpful if you’re determined to track your progress during those workouts. Accordingly, Microsoft is making that wearable tech more affordable. It’s currently selling Samsung’s 40mm non-cellular Galaxy Watch Active 2 for $199, or a full $80 off the official price.

Buy Galaxy Watch Active 2 on Microsoft - $200

That’s better than typical sales hovering around $220 to $250. The deal isn’t quite as sweet for the 44mm model (it’s $269, or $30 off), but the 40mm discount could easily be tempting if you don’t mind a smaller watch or just want affordable yet capable wristwear.

The Active 2 doesn’t have spectacular battery life with one day of typical use, but that’s arguably more than enough for a run outside or an at-home exercise routine. And at this price, the battery is easier to forgive considering other advantages. Samsung’s watch has solid activity tracking features, a reasonable selection of third-party apps like Spotify and an interface that’s surprisingly powerful given some tight confines. And remember, this watch works with both Android and iOS. While the Active 2 unsurprisingly favors Android phones, this could be a viable companion to an iPhone if you don’t care for the Apple Watch’s design or features.

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