Samsung's designer jeans only have a pocket for the Galaxy Z Flip 3

Who needs keys and wallets, anyway?

Samsung Z Flip Pocket Denim jeans with Galaxy Z Flip 3 (Pierre Toussaint/Samsung)

Do you bristle at the thought of using a large pants pocket to hold your equally huge phone? No? Samsung has a solution for you regardless. As Techspot reports, Samsung Australia and Dr Denim have unveiled a pair of limited edition blue jeans, the Z Flip Pocket Denim, that ditches the usual pockets (they're stitched shut with a big "Z") in favor of one designed to hold a Galaxy Z Flip 3. It's really a promo for the foldable phone, but Samsung insists this minimalism could be the "next big trend." That conspicuous blank space on your thighs helps "frame the legs," if you believe the marketing spin.

Only 450 pairs are available, but they come in men's and women's styles. You also won't be paying much of a premium, either. Pay AUD $1,499 (about $1,112 US) and you'll get both the Flip 3 and the jeans to match.

Whether or not you find the jeans chic or gauche... they're probably not the wisest investment. Never mind that you're buying jeans that are only intended to hold one phone — what happens if you need keys or a wallet in your front pocket? We'd add that the pocket you do get leaves your phone partially exposed, which screams "steal my phone" in a way no ordinary pocket would. If you're really determined to leave your mark on the fashion world, you're probably better off buying a Flip 3 Bespoke Edition and flashing it around whenever you make a phone call.

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