Samsung's Pokémon-themed Galaxy Z Flip 3 is a delight

It comes with a necklace-pouch, Pikachu tail-shaped phone ring and other accessories.


Samsung has unveiled the Pokémon Edition of its Galaxy Z Flip 3 foldable smartphone that's bound to be irresistible to collectors. It comes in a special box with a number of Pokémon-themed accessories, including a Pikachu picture case (with a Pokémon Custom Pack), a Pikachu Clear Cover Set, a Pokémon Pouch with a lanyard strap, a Pikachu keychain and a Poké Ball stand. It'll also have some Pokémon-edition ringtones, themes and wallpapers.

The model is coming along at a good time, as a Pokémon Bread craze has apparently taken South Korea by storm, according to Collectors are mostly buying them for the Pokémon stickers contained inside, which are reportedly selling for 10 times the price of the $1.20 bread.

Samsung has released custom versions of its foldable phones before, including the Thom Browne Edition of the Galaxy Flip 3 and and Fold 3. Judging by the reaction of some of my Engadget colleagues, though, Samsung has nailed the Pokémon Edition's design and accessories. It has yet to release the price and other details, but it's likely to be sold only in Korea — we'll learn all when it drops on April 25th.

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