Early adopters, tell us about your Galaxy Z Flip

Has Samsung’s latest folding phone sold you on its form factor?

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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip
Chris Velazco/Engadget

Over the past year or so we’ve seen quite a few foldable phone models -- between the Galaxy Fold, the new Motorola Razr and Huawei’s Mate X, interested consumers had a few ways to see what the fuss was about. However, it was Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip that really won over senior mobile editor Chris Velazco. With its decent battery life, powerful performance and solid cameras, the Flip did what other models couldn’t: It made a good argument for the folding form factor. That said, it still has the same drawbacks as many of its rivals, including a high price point, a fragile build and apps that don’t take full advantage of the unusual hardware. 

If you took a chance on the Flip, we’re really curious to hear how you like it. Is the external screen too small? Is the device prone to scratches or scrapes? How well did it fit into your pocket? And how does it it stack up to non-folding smartphones? Tell us all the details in a user review on the Galaxy Z Flip product page, and don’t leave anything out! Not only do your reviews help inform your fellow readers, but the best ones may be included in upcoming user review roundup articles. 

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