Samsung and iFixit will launch a self-repair program for Galaxy devices

Repair parts and guides will be available this summer.


Apple isn't the only major tech brand introducing a fix-it-yourself program this year. Samsung is teaming up with iFixit to launch a self-repair program for Galaxy devices in the US sometime this summer. Most details won't be available until the program is ready, but you'll have access to official parts and repair tools as you walk through step-by-step repair guides. The early part selection will include back glass, charging ports and display assemblies.

The Samsung self-repair program will initially cover the Galaxy S20 and S21 phone lines as well as the Galaxy Tab S7+. Don't expect to service your new Galaxy S22 Ultra at first. The company will expand its effort to cover more devices and repair categories, though, and you can send the faulty parts to Samsung for recycling.

The company pitches the self-repair option as both a "convenience" and a sustainability move. You can fix your Galaxy hardware on your own terms rather than creating more e-waste. However, this is also likely a response to Right to Repair regulation and advocacy. Samsung can show that it's at least somewhat DIY-friendly before regulators swoop in, even if the products themselves aren't very conducive to repairs at the moment.

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