Samsung built a 110-inch version of its MicroLED 'Wall' TV

The company's high-res MicroLED screens will come in even smaller sizes.


Samsung has launched a 110-inch MicroLED TV, and it’s now up for pre-sale in Korea. The tech giant has been showcasing massive displays that use MicroLED technology over the past two years. It unveiled a 146-inch TV called The Wall at CES 2018, and it showed off a 75-inch model and a 219-inch display at the same event last year. Those displays, however, are modular and require installation. This model is prefabricated and can be installed like any traditional TV.

Samsung MicroLED TV

While Samsung’s MicroLED TV technology is scalable and can be used to create displays of any size, the company explained in its announcement that it wasn’t previously possible to mass-produce a MicroLED screen as small as 110-inch for simple home installation. To be able to release this product, it had to develop a new surface mount technology and a new manufacturing process derived from its semiconductor business. Those will give Samsung a way to produce even smaller MicroLED displays for consumers in the future.

The 110-inch model can display 4K HDR content and uses micrometer-sized LED lights that can last for a decade. It has a Multi View feature that can display up to four sources of content all at once on split screens that can be up to 55 inches in size. The model also comes with 5.1 surround sound capability and a feature that tracks objects moving on screen — such as airplanes flying by — so it can project sounds to follow them. Although the model is only up for pre-sale in Korea at the moment, the model will be available globally in the first quarter of 2021.

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