Sega says its 'Super Game' project is actually multiple AAA titles

You might also see NFTs.

REUTERS/Kim Kyung-Hoon

Sega has revealed more about its mysterious "Super Game" project, and it's more complex than you might have suspected. As VGC and Kotaku note, Sega executive VP Shuji Utsumi used an interview on its Japanese recruitment page to explain that Super Game is actually "several titles" in progress within the same framework. He and fellow leaders were shy on many details, but vowed that these would be blockbusters that ventured "beyond" the conventional game experience.

That might include some trendier technology. Producer Masayoshi Kikuchi said in the interview that it was "natural" to expand into areas like "cloud gaming and NFT." This wasn't a definite commitment to using either tech and comes soon after Sega acknowledged a public backlash to NFTs. However, Sega recently registered a "Sega NFT" trademark in Japan — it's at least open to the idea of offering digital collectibles.

Sega unveiled a partnership with Microsoft last year to use the Azure cloud platform for Super Game development. However, this doesn't necessarily hint at game streaming plans. Sony, for instance, used Azure to help build its online infrastructure.

Super Game might not pan out for a while. Parent firm Sega Sammy said in November 2021 it might invest the equivalent of $882 million into the project over the next five years. You won't necessarily have to wait that long for the first products, but it's clear Sega treats Super Game more as a strategic bet than a short-term fix.