Shopify's new app makes it easier for merchants to sell on Pinterest

Merchants can turn their entire stores into discoverable product pins.

Pinterest / Shopify

Pinterest is continuing its push to be a major online shopping destination through a new partnership with Shopify, which will make it easier for merchants to attract new customers and boost sales. Through a new app, Shopify merchants can now upload catalogs to Pinterest and turn their products into shoppable product pins in just a few clicks.

The Pinterest app on Shopify includes a bunch of helpful features, such as tag installation, automatic inventory updates and an ads-buying interface. The app automatically creates a connection between an individual store and Pinterest, so the merchant doesn’t have to edit code or add further resources — it’s all just there and ready to go.

This means Shopify merchants get access to distribution across Pinterest, as well as reporting and results tracking. Importantly, it’s a free service, so indie sellers ad big brands alike can get organic promotion without spending a penny. Of course, there is a paid option too, which lets merchants promote their pins as a paid ad, bringing customers directly into their brands online store. But Pinterest shoppers are generally pretty savvy and could likely find their own way there anyway, which makes this is a genuinely useful feature for everyone — not just those with spare marketing budget.

This is the latest push for Pinterest to drive shopping on its platform. Just last month it made things easier for pinners to buy what they see, while last year saw an explosion of activity from the company, including shopping-orientated Lens updates, a refreshed take on digital storefronts and the hiring of former Walmart CTO Jeremy King as head of engineering. No doubt there are more initiatives in the pipeline.

The Pinterest app on Shopify is available now for merchants in the US and Canada, and will go live in countries where Pinterest ads are available — including Australia, the UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain — in the coming weeks.