Shopify’s new app helps you buy from local businesses

It's coming right as small stores need the most support.


With widespread shutdowns due to the COVID-19 pandemic, online shopping has become more important than ever. Shopify, which until now has mostly helped online retailers sell their products, wants to make it easier for consumers to browse and buy goods, especially from local businesses. Today, it’s unveiling its new consumer app, Shop.

With location filters, Shop will help users find local businesses to buy from -- at least the Shopify-powered ones. It will also suggest recommendations from users’ favorite brands. Shoppers can checkout with one-click payment, and they can track all of their online orders.

Many of these features were already available to online retailers. Shop Pay, the one-click payment tool, has processed over $8 billion in sales, and Arrive, the order tracking function, has been used by 16 million shoppers. So sharing these in a consumer-facing app makes sense, especially now when so many people are reliant on online shopping and want to support local businesses.