Card battle hit 'Slay the Spire' comes to iOS

It mixes collectible card gameplay with a dungeon crawler.

Mega Crit

Here’s a pleasant treat: one of the better-known collectible card games is suddenly available on your phone. Mega Crit has surprise-released (via Polygon) Slay the Spire for iOS, making the popular title available on mobile for the first time. The concept remains the same. It’s a mix of Magic-style card gaming with a roguelike dungeon crawler, challenging you with creating a deck that can conquer the monsters of the spire. The paths, enemies, cards and even bosses change every time, so it’s seldom predictable.

The title will cost you $10. There are plans for an Android version, so don’t despair if you’d rather play on a Google-powered device. It’s a relatively late release when console editions of Slay the Spire showed up roughly a year ago, but look at it this way: you now have a way to feed your monster-killing habit when the PC or TV just isn’t an option. It’s also a viable alternative to some of the other big card games on phones and tablets.

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