Watch a short film shot in augmented reality with Snap's Spectacles 3

Artist and community organizer Lauren Halsey captured her team's day-to-day work.

Lauren Halsey/Snap

Creatives have been using Snap's Spectacles 3 to create music videos with augmented reality effects for a while, and the company is now moving into another filmmaking format. Snap teamed up with Los Angeles-based artist and community organizer Lauren Halsey for the first in a series of short films shot entirely with Spectacles 3.

Halsey's four-minute film is called Summaeverythang — it shares a name with Halsey’s community center in South Central LA. The film depicts the day-to-day lives of Halsey and her team as they distribute boxes of produce to community members and create an art piece.

There isn’t too much of a focus on augmented reality, though there are some AR elements at the beginning and it ends with a stroll through an art installation with AR effects laid on top. Still, it’s an intriguing look at how creators can use Spectacles 3 and augmented reality for their films.

Snap also released a behind the scenes video for the documentary-style short. In it, Halsey discusses using AR to amplify her physical creations, and "how that can animate and energize what I've been making."