Snapchat's latest lens helps you learn the American Sign Language alphabet

You can play games to prove your skill.

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Snapchat American Sign Language lens with alphabet
Snapchat American Sign Language lens with alphabet Snap

Snap isn't done teaching Snapchat users how to communicate using sign language. The social media service has introduced an ASL Alphabet Lens that, as the name implies, significantly expands the American Sign Language learning experience. You'll still learn how to fingerspell your name using individual letters, but you now also get to practice the ASL alphabet and play two games to test your knowledge.

As before, Snap is using SignAll's AI technology (including computer vision and machine learning) to recognize your hand gestures. Snap relied solely on Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing team members to develop the lens.

You can use the lens on Android and iOS by either scanning the Snapcode (below) or looking for "ASL Alphabet" in the Lens Explorer. For Snap, the goal remains the same. This is about using augmented reality to help more people communicate online and, of course, expand Snapchat's audience in the process.

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Snapchat ASL Alphabet Lens Snapcode

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