Snapchat lets news outlets automatically share articles as stories

You can keep up with events in between social posts.

Snapchat Dynamic Stories for news articles (Snap)

People have used social media as a news source for years, and Snapchat hopes to make the most of that reality. As Axios reports, Snapchat has launched a Dynamic Stories test feature that lets media outlets automatically share news articles as Stories on the Discover platform through their existing RSS feeds. They don't need a specialist to create an app-friendly version, to put it another way. You can keep up with breaking world events (or the tabloids) when you're not posting your own content.

The initial partners include a range of major publications from the US, UK, France and India, including The Washington Post, The Independent, Le Figaro and Vogue India. The format doesn't support video, but test participant Axios said it might in the future.

This isn't much of a direct money-maker for Snapchat, according to Axios' sources. However, that's not the entire point. This gives publishers a stronger incentive to share news on Snapchat by reducing the hassles. More importantly, it might keep you glued to Snapchat — you could be less likely to jump to Instagram or TikTok if news arrives sooner on Snap's service.