Snapchat will let you change your username starting February 23rd

Users will no longer need to be stuck with a terrible name they picked as a young teen.


Snap says it will soon roll out a much-requested and long-awaited feature to all users: a way to change their Snapchat username. The company started testing the option recently, and it will be available for everyone on iOS and Android as of February 23rd.

You'll be able to switch your handle without setting up a new account and having to start over with your friends list, memories, Snap score and so on. However, users will only be able to change their name once per year. To do so, go to your profile and open the settings. Tap Username and then select the Change Username option.

Snap acknowledged that people grow and change over time. Many of them won't want to be stuck with a bad Snapchat username they came up with a decade ago, perhaps when they were a young teen. So, this feature might come as music to the ears of those whose usernames include a "Gangnam Style" reference.