Solo Stove's second-generation fire pits are up to $320 off for Labor Day

Pick up a fire pit or a bundle with handy accessories while they're all on sale.

Solo Stove

Solo Stove is celebrating Labor Day a bit early this year by discounted all of its fire pits and bundles. This is the first big sale we've seen on the new, second-generation fire pits, which debuted earlier this month. The Ranger 2.0, Bonfire 2.0 and Yukon 2.0 are up tp 40 percent off and down to $200, $230 and $430, respectively. Most bundles are around 45 percent off, including the Bonfire Backyard Bundle 2.0, which includes a spark shield, stand, shelter, carrying case and lid along with the aforementioned fire pit.

Buy Ranger 2.0 at Solo Stove - $200 Buy Bonfire 2.0 at Solo Stove - $230 Buy Yukon 2.0 at Solo Stove - $430 Shop fire pits at Solo Stove

We've been fans of Solo Stove machines for a long time here at Engadget. They've made it into numerous guides in the past because, while pricey, they produce less smokey fires and will last longer than cheaper alternatives you can pick up at a local hardware store. Once you get a fire going, Solo Stoves channel smoke away from you using a double-walled design that pulls hot air through vent holes and back into the fire. This setup reduces smoke while also creating a fine ash and keeping the fire hot.

The 2.0 models that recently came out fix arguably our biggest gripe with these machines — how difficult they can be to clean. After a couple of uses, you used to have to pick up the whole fire pit and hold it upside down over the garbage to get all of the ash and debris out. That's not necessary now thanks to the removable base plate and ash pan that come with the 2.0 models. Once the fire pit has completely cooled, you can simply reach in, remove the base plate and then pull out the ash pan to dump out leftover debris.

This is a big improvement and will make the overall experience of using a Solo Stove much easier. Plus, the company didn't mess with the design otherwise. The new models have the same 360° Signature Airflow Technology of the previous versions, plus all of the first-gen accessories work with the new fire pits. Whether you're picking up a Solo Stove for the first time or upgrading from your current fire pit, now's a great time to grab one of the latest machines while they're on sale.

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