Solo Stove's spring sale knocks up to $325 off fire pits

The most portable of the bunch, the Ranger, is down to $200.

You're probably looking forward to spending more time outside now that the weather is getting nicer, and there are ways you can spruce up your backyard setup to it even more comfortable. Solo Stove's fire pits can cut the chill of spring nights without filling your spot with smoke like traditional fire pits would. Now, thanks to the company's spring sale, you can pick up any of its three fire pits for much less than usual. The smallest in the lineup, the Ranger, is $100 off and down to $200, while the mid-sized Bonfire is down to $240. The biggest of them all, the Yukon, is a whopping $325 off and down to $425.

Buy Ranger at Solo Stove - $200 Buy Bonfire at Solo Stove - $240 Buy Yukon at Solo Stove - $425

We've recommended Solo Stove devices in a few outdoor guides, most recently in our fall gear guide, but these fire pits can be used all year round. The biggest perk they have in comparison to cheaper fire pits is that they channel smoke away from you using their double-walled design that pulls air through vent holes and back into the fire. This helps keep the flames hot, reduce smoke and create fine ash.

All three Solo Stove fire pits have solid, one-piece, stainless steel designs, which makes them easy to set up, clean and even transport. The 15-pound Ranger and the 20-pound Bonfire are the most portable of the bunch, while the 38-pound Yukon is probably best left in a permanent spot in your backyard. The smaller two fire pits come with a carry case, and while you can position them correctly on the ground or a concrete patio, we recommend picking up a bundle that includes a stand so you'll have more placement options. In addition to the stand, the "backyard bundle" also includes a shield, which keeps pops and embers from escaping, along with a weather-resistant shelter bag.

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