'Minecraft' is getting Sonic the Hedgehog DLC

Just in time for his 30th birthday.

Sega / Mojang

Not content to be merely a Hollywood movie star, Sega’s Sonic is making his way to Minecraft. Just in time for the hedgehog’s 30th birthday on June 23rd, Mojang is releasing Sonic-themed DLC for its immensely popular sandbox title.

The downloadable content includes a bit of everything. Fan-favorite Sonic levels like the Green Hills Zone have gotten a blocky makeover, turning them into infinite runners you can play through with your friends. Naturally, they’ll be rings along the way for you and your buddies to collect as you race one another.

In addition to playing as Sonic, you can select other franchise favorites like Knuckles the Echidna, Miles “Tails” Prower and Amy Rose. Outside of those additions, you can grab a free Sonic the Hedgehog character creator item. Lastly, there'll be a two-week server takeover that will feature minigames and a “special” surprise on one of the weekends.

The DLC is just the latest project to come out of Sega’s Year of Sonic, and there’s more in the pipeline. Lego is working on a Sonic-themed Ideas set. Netflix also plans to release a 3D-animated series starting the hedgehog sometime in 2022. Dare we say, it's never been a better time to be a Sonic fan.