Sonos' One SL speaker is now more power efficient

The updated model is only compatible with the company's S2 app.

Sonos has refreshed its One SL speaker. First reported by The Verge, the new model of the non-microphone variant of the Sonos One features a more efficient wireless radio. The company has also redesigned the base to remove excess stickering and plastic.

"We continually seek opportunities to make our products more efficient and sustainable. In this case, we’ve made updates to One SL that reduce waste, improve recyclability and deliver efficiencies in power consumption," a spokesperson for Sonos told Engadget. "These changes don't deliver new features or functionality so it won't be labeled and sold as a new product, but it will only be compatible with S2." Sonos also took the opportunity to repackage the device. It now comes in the more sustainable packaging the company introduced with its new Roam portable speaker.

While Sonos tends to support its speakers for the long haul, it's not unusual for the company to release minor revisions like this. In 2019, for instance, it refreshed the Sonos One to add Bluetooth LE, a newer processor and more memory. You can buy updated Sonos One SL from the Sonos website and third-party retailers starting today.

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