Sonos is raising prices on almost all of its products

Some already-pricey speakers are going to cost even more on September 12th.

Nathan Ingraham / Engadget

Sonos makes some excellent connected speakers and home theater products, but no one ever said they were cheap. As of this Sunday, September 12th, they'll cost even more here in the US. The company just announced it is raising the price of almost all its speakers; most will go up about 10 percent.

A few to note: the Sonos One, probably its most popular speaker, will now cost $219 instead of $199. The One SL (which is the same as the One, but without mics for voice assistants) now costs $199 rather than $179. The new Sonos Roam portable speaker is getting a $10 price bump, to $179.

The flagship Sonos Five audio speaker will now cost $549 instead of $499, and the flagship Arc soundbar costs $899, a full $100 more expensive than before. The Sub, which is primarily geared towards home theater but can also be used with music speakers, is up $50 to $749. The only speaker that isn't going to cost more is the Move, which is staying at $399. Sonos didn't mention any changes to the Beam in its price list, either.

Sonos first announced that it would increase prices on its quarterly earnings call back in early August, but didn't provide details at the time. As for why now, the company gave some unsurprisingly vague details around "assessing market dynamics" to achieve growth goals and maintain innovation across its entire portfolio, including software and services as well as hardware. Obviously, no customer wants to see price increases, but given that Sonos solid the $199 Play:1 and then the One, its successor, at that price point for the better part of a decade, a 10 percent increase isn't too crazy. Given how new the Arc is, though, a $100 bump on an already expensive product might limit its broader market appeal a little. Though on the other hand, most home theater aficionados are probably used to opening their wallets for good hardware.