Sonos' rumored $250 soundbar is reportedly called the Ray

It may be smaller than the Beam while offering some high-end features.


More details appear to have emerged for Sonos' rumored budget soundbar. A briefly posted listing at Colombian store KTronix suggests it will be called the Sonos Ray, and will be smaller than the already compact Beam Gen 2 at just 22 inches long (versus 25.6in), if slightly taller and thinner. Provided the accompanying images are accurate, it's also clearer as to how Sonos will keep costs down. Pictures of the rear indicate it will only accept optical audio input, drop the built-in voice control microphones and rely on one pair each of tweeters and woofers — there's no HDMI or Dolby Atmos support here.

The product page still promises a few mainstay Sonos features, such as Trueplay calibration that uses your phone or tablet to adjust the sound tuning to fit your room. You could also expect "crystal-clear dialogue" in your movies and TV shows. You can still connect to your home network through Ethernet if WiFi isn't an option, and Sonos' built-in voice assistant support should still let you use another smart speaker to control the Ray.

Sources speaking to The Verge initially obtained the Ray name and provided 3D renders based on photos. The soundbar can reportedly be used for surround sound when linked to other Sonos speakers, and you can use two Rays as rear speakers for an Atmos-capable Arc or Beam setup if you mount them vertically.

There are no new clues as to the release date, but the RAYG1US1BLK model name mentioned at KTronix has been circulating in import data for months. A previous leak hinted Sonos might release it as soon as early June. And while the Colombian price (about $323) likely won't reflect the exact pricing for the US, it does imply that the rumored $250 sticker is at least close to the mark.