Sony may create PlayStation Plus game trials on behalf of developers

A previous report suggested studios would need to set up time-limited trials for certain titles.

Sony Interactive Entertainment

It emerged in a report this week that Sony appears to be asking developers to create time-limited trials for certain games for the new PlayStation Plus Premium service. It was initially unclear how much support Sony would offer studios for this purpose, but, according to Ethan Gach of Kotaku, the PlayStation Store team will actually set up the trials on behalf of developers.

This would put less strain on studios and prevent them from having to dedicate precious resources to create trials. However, Gach said some developers expressed worry that Sony will not share revenue related to game trials with them. Engadget has contacted Sony Interactive Entertainment for clarification.

Earlier this week, Game Developer reported that studios were informed about the new policy through Sony's developer portal. It appears that games with a wholesale price of at least $34 will need to have a time-limited trial that runs for at least two hours and must be available to PS Plus Premium members for at least a year. The measure reportedly won't apply to previously released games or virtual reality titles. Developers are said to have the option of offering custom game demos instead, as long as Sony gives them the green light.