Sony's budget WH-CH710N ANC headphones drop back down to $78

That matches the all-time-low price we've seen for this set.


More and more early Black Friday deals are popping up, and if you're looking to snag an entry-level set of active noise cancellation (ANC) headphones, you can't go too far wrong with Sony's WH-CH710N. The headphones are on sale for $78 on Amazon, which is $102 less than the standard price.

Buy Sony WH-CH710N at Amazon - $78

The discount matches the lowest price we've seen for the headphones, which occurred during Amazon Prime Day, though the headphones have dipped to $88 on several occasions. Given the solid sound quality and ANC, the WH-CH710N was already a decent option at the regular price, so it's even more worthy of consideration at $78.

There are tradeoffs, of course, for a pair of ANC headphones in this price range. The WH-CH710N set has "decent range and good clarity, but they lack deep, punchy bass that would help create a fuller sound," as Engadget senior news editor Billy Steele noted. Still, you'll get up to 35 hours of use before you need to recharge the headphones and sensors can monitor surrounding noise to select the optimal ANC settings. There's also an ambient-sound passthrough option for when you need to hear what's going on in your environment.

The WH-CH710N can't quite measure up to Sony’s WH-1000XM4, which we reckon are the best wireless headphones you can buy right now. That said, this set is hard to beat at the lower end of the scale — even more so when the cans are available for such a hefty discount.

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