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Sony's WH-CH720N headphones are back on sale for $98

The mid-range cans offer great audio and a comfortable fit.

Photo by Billy Steele/Engadget

Sony makes some of the best wireless headphones around, but perhaps you don't quite need a high-end set with all the bells and whistles. Maybe a mid-range set with active noise cancellation (ANC) that more than gets the job done is what you're looking for. In that case, it's definitely worth considering Sony's WH-CH720N headphones, which are once again on sale for $98. That's $51 off the regular price and it matches a record low we saw during Prime Day.

Sony's WH-CH720N are a solid set of mid-range headphones, thanks in large part to great audio quality and a comfy fit.

$98 at Amazon

We gave the WH-CH720N a score of 79 in our review earlier this year. Along with great audio quality, the headphones offer a lightweight and comfortable fit. On the downside, the ANC struggled in some environments (particularly when it comes to blocking out human voices), the cans lack an automatic pausing feature and the over-reliance on plastic makes them look less elegant.

The headphones use the same chip as Sony's WH-1000XM5 (our pick for the best wireless headphones overall) to power the ANC and the sound in general. There's support for 360 Reality Audio and multipoint Bluetooth to connect to two devices at the same time. You should be able to use the headphones for up to 35 hours with ANC on before having to recharge them.

If your budget can't quite stretch far enough for the WH-CH720N, take a gander at Sony's WH-CH520 headphones, which have dropped by $22 to $38. These headphones are also compatible with 360 Reality Audio and Sony says they'll run for up to 50 hours on a single charge. A three-minute charge will add 1.5 hours of listening time. There's no ANC here, though these headphones are otherwise a solid, budget-friendly pick.

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