Afterlife game 'Spiritfarer' is coming to mobile through Netflix

A heartwarming tale about dying will soon be available in your pocket.

Thunder Lotus Games

You'll have to sign up for Netflix if you want to play the award-nominated Spiritfarer on your phone. The streaming service has announced that the death management game will be available on mobile through its platform sometime "soon." It's not clear what (if anything) will change in this version, although it's safe to presume you'll find touch-optimized controls.

Spiritfarer revolves around Stella, a ferrymaster who befriends the dead and brings them to the afterlife. You need to build a boat, of course, but you'll also craft items and harvest materials to help you explore the landscape and take care of the deceased. Think of it as Stardew Valley or Terraria with a message — it's as much about developing a healthy attitude toward death as it is refining your resource management skills.

The debut comes alongside other high-profile Netflix game launches, such as ustwo's Desta and a deluge of show-related titles. The company is determined to become a home for much-loved (if not always new) games, and Spiritfarer might tip the balance if you're either a fan eager to play on mobile or a newcomer curious about all the buzz.