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Spotify is ditching the heart icon for an dual-purpose plus button

You'll be able to save songs and add them to playlists with the same button.

Image showing a plus symbol. Text: We're upgrading our Heart to a Plus. Spotify.
Kris Holt
Kris Holt|@krisholt|February 27, 2023 1:15 PM

Spotify is waving goodbye to its heart icon. The company is combining the icon, which enables you to quickly save music to your library, with the "add to playlist" prompt under a single plus button.

The plus button works a little differently on Spotify than it does on Apple Music, where tapping it a second time on an album or playlist downloads it to your device. When you tap Spotify's plus button once, you'll add a song, playlist, podcast or audiobook to your library. The plus button will then turn into a green check. If you tap the checkmark on the Now Playing view, you'll be able to add the song or podcast episode to a playlist rather than just saving it to your Liked Songs or Your Episodes.

Screenshots of Spotify's plus button feature. Text: Hit [the plus button] to add a track to Liked Songs. Tap again... and add it to other playlists.

Spotify says the plus button will streamline how folks save songs and podcasts. It wrote in a blog post that user research showed the button "helped save time and gave users the ability to add to multiple playlists at once." It could come in useful, for instance, if you're listening to a radio station or Discover Weekly and encounter a song you like that would work well on one or more of your playlists. 

The plus button is starting to roll out on Spotify's iOS and Android apps today. It'll be available to all Spotify users in the coming weeks.

Spotify is ditching the heart icon for an dual-purpose plus button