Spotify's web player works with Safari again

After a nearly three-year hiatus the web player is back.

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Christine Fisher
May 15, 2020 10:42 AM
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Spotify's Safari Web Browser

In 2017, Spotify’s Safari web player vanished without any explanation. Users were forced to use another browser or the native Mac app. Now, just as mysteriously, Spotify has added Safari back to its list of approved browsers. After almost three years, loyal Safari users can finally listen to Spotify in the browser once again.

It’s always been a little strange that Spotify didn’t work in Safari. Even Google’s music service works fine with the browser. Of course, the public beta of Apple Music’s web player is also compatible.

Spotify made the change quietly and without any announcement. It was spotted by a Reddit user and reported by 9to5Mac. If the web player doesn’t automatically open, you can try Spotify’s recommended tips, like updating the browser or opening the web player in a private window.

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Spotify's web player works with Safari again