Spotify now lets any creator use its video podcast platform

Creators in select markets will be able to monetize their shows through subscriptions.


Spotify might have a much wider video podcast selection in the near future. In July last year, it debuted the video podcast format for select originals, but now it's opening up access to the option to more people who want to launch their own. Creators can now apply to have their video podcasts published on the streaming platform via Anchor, which is Spotify's podcast creation tool.

The company says it's rolling out video podcasts on a rolling basis with a number of key creators, including existing podcasters who are expanding into video and video creators who want to reach a new audience. It's putting approved applicants in a waitlist, however, and giving them the power to make their videos available on the platform at a later date. Those who do get approved can upload episodes through their Anchor account, which will automatically be published on Spotify.

Since not all video creators will be signing $100 million deals with the company like Joe Rogan did, Spotify is giving them a way to earn from their shows. Creators in select markets will be able to monetize their podcasts through subscriptions, allowing them to share exclusive content with subscribers or to only make their shows available to paying customers altogether.