Spotify's priciest lossless audio plan could sort playlists by "danceability"

The long-awaited option is likely to cost $20 per month.

Since 2017, there have been endless rumors and even a rescinded announcement of a HiFi tier at Spotify, but no option itself. Now — finally — we're getting, that's right: more speculation. A Reddit user has dug into Spotify's app and uncovered possible information about a Supremium tier (Spotify's new name for the HiFi option). Apparently, it could have 24-bit Lossless music, which the company claims is free from "lag and delays."

Despite its uncertainty, some pretty fun features are currently floating around in that code, including the ability to sort playlists by "danceability." The option to determine how much you want to boogie could come alongside other arrangements like BPM and smart order, which would attempt to create an ideal playlist based on tempo and key. Also being explored are the options to use smooth transitions instead of that few seconds of quiet and to filter your playlist based on mood or genre (something it introduced for Liked Songs in 2021).

There are more possible Supremium perks discovered by the curious Reddit user, such as using AI to make playlists and something called Soundcheck that details your listening habits and "uniquely you" music — it sounds like a mashup of Spotify Wrapped and Daily Mixes. It could also include 30 hours of audiobooks each month versus paying for each book individually.

Right now, the Spotify code puts its Supremium tier at $20 — more than any of its existing Premium plans: Student ($6 per month), Individual ($11 per month), Duo ($15 per month) and Family ($17 per month). The $20 price tag could change (if this tier ever becomes a reality), but it's on par with Tidal's 24-bit HiFi Plus option.