You can try crowdfunded space sim 'Star Citizen' for free right now

The Free Fly event runs until June 2nd.

Cloud Imperium Games

Will Star Citizen ever be finished? That’s a question I doubt anyone knows the answer to right now. If you're curious about the state of the game, though, and haven't yet contributed to its absurdly-successful crowdfunding campaign, good news: it's currently free to play. Developer Cloud Imperium Games is running a two-week 'Free Fly' event to celebrate its fictional Invictus Launch Week. Until June 2nd, anyone can sign up for an account and test-fly some fictional spaceships. "Different manufacturers take over every other day, so keep checking back to be inspired by everything the event has to offer," the company explained in a blog post.

Star Citizen is being directed by Chris Roberts, the creator of the popular Wing Commander series and Freelancer, a space combat simulator released for the PC in 2003. The spiritual successor was announced through Kickstarter in 2012 and raised over $2 million. The crowdfunding campaign then continued on its official website and has pulled in more than $286 million to date. Star Citizen's scope and ambitions have evolved over the years, forcing the company to push back its official release date and appease backers with smaller alpha builds. There are currently three main modes to play called Universe, Star Marine and Arena Commander.