'Star Trek: Picard' season two will debut on Paramount+ in 2022

And a certain lettered frenemy returns.

Aaron Epstein / Paramount+

Today is the day that in the Star Trek universe, the Vulcans made first contact with humans here on earth in the year... 2063. That may be 42 years away from us still, but that hasn’t stopped the franchise from using this an opportunity to celebrate its legacy and promote upcoming releases with an all-day Twitch stream. And it started out with a real bang, bringing aboard Patrick Stewart to announce that production on Picard season 2 has started, with the show scheduled to premiere on Paramount+ in 2022.

Stewart was joined on the stream by John de Lancie, who will reprise his recurring role as the omnipotent and ever-annoying antagonist Q. He was last seen in an animated cameo on Lower Decks, but this will be his first live-action appearance since Star Trek: Voyager. There wasn’t much to talk about just yet, but they will be dealing with the consequences of what happened to Jean-Luc Picard at the end of season one of his show, as well as continuing the "trial" of humanity that began way back in the first episode of The Next Generation.

The series will of course, only be available on Paramount+ upon release, along with the first seasons of Prodigy and Strange New Worlds, as well as new seasons of Discovery and Lower Decks whenever they're announced. The Twitch stream will continue all day, with panels until 6pm ET, followed by a lineup of classic first contact-themed episodes from various Trek series.