'Star Trek: Strange New Worlds' trailer teases Pike's stint on the Enterprise

Paramount+ wants to recreate the sense of wonder from early Star Trek.


Today is a good day for sci-fi and space fantasy lovers. Paramount+ has shared a teaser trailer for Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, its offshoot of Discovery. The video provides a brief but telling glimpse of Captain Christopher Pike's tenure aboard the USS Enterprise, including his return to service and (what else?) the worlds his crew will see. There's a clear attempt to recreate the wonder you might have felt watching early Star Trek as you encountered new aliens and planets for the first time.

There isn't much to see of the cast beyond Pike (Anson Mount), but you'll see Ethan Peck return as Spock while Rebecca Romijn once again serves as Number One. Celia Rose Gooding plays Uhura, Jess Bush will assume the role of Nurse Chapel and Babs Olusanmokun is Doctor M'Benga.

Strange New Worlds premieres in May. As indicated, the show's appeal may come as much from its format as its focus on the Enterprise. Unlike Discovery and Picard, SNW is expected to rely more on the single-episode storylines that defined the original series and much of the pre-streaming Star Trek franchise. Whether or not it reproduces those glory days is another matter, but Paramount+ at least appears to know its target audience.